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Pokhara is one of the top 5 commercial tandem paragliding places inside the international, with all the proper components: solid thermals, convenient take-off and landing zones, the protection of a massive lake and excellent mountain perspectives.

Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal

Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal

Paragliding may not be in absolutely everyone’s finances. That being said, if it’s something you need to try at some point in your lifestyles, Pokhara is the ideal region to do it. searching lower back, most possibly you won’t regret it.

There are 19 paragliding groups operating commercial tandem flights in Pokhara, and there appears to be a fixed rate (which incorporates shipping and insurance) regardless of which one you select.

Standard flight (30 minutes) = Rs. 7500 ($75)

Move-united states (40-60 minutes) = Rs. 11,000 ($a hundred and ten)

Go Pro photos (five minutes video, 30 stills) = Rs. 1700 ($17)

Tandem Paragliding

Tandem paragliding approach you’re seated in a separate harness in the front of the pilot in which you could sit care-free and revel in your surroundings take images and communicate along with your pilot all through the flight. it is pretty cozy other than a large void under your toes.

Flying for your own

If you are an experienced paraglider and want to fly to your personal, you could get a flying allow from the civil aviation workplace in Pokhara. The permit expenses Rs. 4520 ($forty five) for 15 days which you can renew upon expiration. It takes approximately 1 hour to get permit and you want to offer them with a passport photocopy, visa photocopy, and picture of yourself, proof of coverage and your paragliding license.

Is it safe?

Usually, it’s safer to go paragliding in Pokhara than it is far to cross a hectic intersection in Lakeside. There are greater than 250 flights a day for the duration of top-season. You have got a reserve chute and a big lake for safety. But, it is an intense adventure recreation and dangers are concerned. The largest danger is during take-off and touchdown if there is a surprising exchange in wind.

Ensure the enterprise you select has coverage insurance; a few might say they’ve it even supposing they don’t. Satisfactory is to go along with a good employer. The authorities of Nepal have no gadget in place for regulating paragliding. Out of the one hundred Nepali paragliding pilots in Nepal, now not a unmarried one holds a Nepalese paragliding license due to the fact there isn’t one.

Pilots are, but, the world over licensed, which means global paragliding faculties, like FAI, APPI and BHPA, have come to Pokhara to run 15-day pilot schooling packages . Upon crowning glory, pilots are certified to fly everywhere inside the world on their own. It then takes round 2 years of enjoy before they turn out to be a commercial tandem pilot. They have to prove themselves through paragliding in extraordinary locations, in exceptional climate situations, with one-of-a-kind instructors and by means of performing unique sports along with training the usage of their reserve chute. After that, they have to pass a tandem exam with an APPI instructor.

Flight direction

the usual paragliding flight takes to the air from Sarangkot (30 min. by using jeep from Pokhara), floats above Sarangkot for a while, then heads over Pokhara earlier than appearing spiralling acrobatics (optionally available) on descent to Phewa Tal next to Lakeside.

Best Time of Day

Paragliding groups offer three flights an afternoon, 7 days a week: 10:30 AM, 12 PM and a couple of PM.

For fine situations, the suns desires to have been out lengthy enough to warmness the earth and create the thermals necessary for lift. The early morning flights have a tendency to be a chunk less than 30 minutes as the thermals haven’t advanced yet. if you’re looking for a clam, less turbulent flight, this is the first-class time.

By eleven: 30 ARE, the thermals have come to be lively and the first-class conditions for paragliding are in region. In case you want to get your cash’s well worth, this is the fine time to fly.

Pleasant Season for flying situations

You could move paragliding in Pokhara yr-round as lengthy as it’s now not raining and the thermals are energetic.

The peak season for bookings suits the everyday traveller season in Nepal – September/October/November and February/March. The fall months are the clearest wherein thermals increase speedy with easy, high flying of up to 3000 m.

The first-class time for flying, however, might be in case you catch a fortunate window of clean skies during the monsoon season of July and August whilst the flowers is lush and the rivers are thundering.

Reserving a Flight

You ought to e-book a flight as a minimum 1 day earlier so corporations can plan ahead. To confirm your reserving, you may be required to make a deposit of Rs. a thousand-2000. you may book by using Smartphone, email or in man or woman a day before your flight.


Most effective two groups (sunrise and Blue Sky) offer an creation route to paragliding. It expenses a hundred and twenty Euros/day, which includes system. The path lasts 15 days and by means of the quit you’ll have your paragliding license which permits you to paraglide anywhere inside the global for your personal.

Other Paragliding locations

Bandipur – a picturesque Newari village atop a ridge among Kathmandu and Pokhara. Desirable sundown/mountain views.

Sirkot – fine for solo pilots because you may fly the entire manner to Pokhara, 2.5 hours, technical flight.


Beneath is a listing of set up groups which are based in Pokhara. I didn’t have time to visit they all so never does this advise you shouldn’t ebook with a specific company. The business enterprise web sites below are intended to give you an excellent concept of what’s offered.

Blue Sky Paragliding (Pokhara, Bandipur & Sirkot)

Dawn Paragliding (Pokhara)

Frontiers Paragliding (Pokhara)

Helpful web sites

Pictures of paragliding in Pokhara

Paragliding in Nepal facebook page

YouTube video of a flight.

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