Now Safe to Visit in Nepal

The earthquake of 25th April badly destroyed tourism sector of Nepal. The information regarding massive tremor caused insecurity among tourists and they could not regain their confidence to visit this beautiful Himalayan nation. But, the site report by our trekking guide (Prakash Bhandari) and reaction of foreign trekkers depict that tourism destination and trekking trail of the country are in safe and sound condition. After four months of the quake, it is noticed that the…

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Safe Traveling in Nepal

“It is important to emphasize that by the fall, when monsoon ends, people should make their reservations now if they want to help and they want to come and visit because it is very, very important to keep all these jobs alive,” Sarandon said Sunday while inaugurating a campaign to build 201 huts for villagers outside of the capital, Kathmandu, who lost their homes in one of the earthquakes.” (source) There are no food or…

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Traveller Reviews

Jacky Killy
It’s a shame that so many trekkers stayed away from the Manaslu Trek after the April 2015 earthquake. There was a big lack of information about the safety of trails…
Mich Pung
The classic style of trekking in Nepal is to camp in tents and employ Porters to carry your gears and Sherpas to set up camp, cook and serve meals. You…

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