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 Nepal or in any part of the world without media coverage, nothing moves or activates in this present world of 21st Centaury in the age of computer and fast communication networks system.

Media Coverage in Nepal although smaller than other developing countries, but slowly rising and mushrooming, where advertisement and press coverage is the strong support and power to sell your products.

In Nepal, media coverage play a great role in advertising and to sell local products from tourism related to other work of arts like handicrafts and introducing Nepal as a country for all types of destinations from cultural-heritage tour to adventure sports of moderate to challenging.

To know more about Nepal, the country of world highest peaks and birth place of lord Buddha ‘The Light of Asia’ where you can get information from media coverage such as internets and other means.

Traveller Reviews

Jacky Killy
It’s a shame that so many trekkers stayed away from the Manaslu Trek after the April 2015 earthquake. There was a big lack of information about the safety of trails…
Mich Pung
The classic style of trekking in Nepal is to camp in tents and employ Porters to carry your gears and Sherpas to set up camp, cook and serve meals. You…

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