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“exciting and thrilling ride on the hills and valleys of Nepal Himalaya’

Nepal Tour Organiser besides our wide range of holiday destinations, we offer scenic and cultural mountain biking in and around Nepal Himalaya, one of the best way to see Nepal at its best following the scenic trails through rural farm villages and towns on back-road with views of Himalayan mountain range and in the comfort of nice country lodges and resorts with warm friendly hospitality.

Nepal, the land of ups and down, the only flatland on the Gangetic plains of southern Terai running east to west, nevertheless it offers a challenging to pleasant scenic ride from the tropical plains of Terai, Mediterranean  mild mid-mountainous lush valleys to the arctic climate of the high alpine region. The only way to discover these hidden treasure land and villages with its warm ever-smiling people is by a walking journey or on mountain bikes.

Mountain biking is great fun and a perfect way to discover Nepal’s great diverse landscape and culture, of tremendous terrain’s, tracks and trails. Where mountain bike takes you away from the hustle bustle of the city-town life into serene country life, on a hidden trail rarely visited area of local villages, its traditional rural life style that has preserved for centuries.

Mountain biking is a great way to explore the Kathmandu valley or to follow the trail to the plains of Terai or bike to the legendary yak and yeti trail to Everest or other Himalayan destination, which allows you to experience the tranquility of rural Nepal in the shade of Himalaya.

Here our standard tour in around Kathmandu Valley Rim Ride for a day or more, besides mountain biking around Kathmandu valley we run and organize Mountain Biking Expeditions involves long ride of a week to three weeks in Nepal and Tibet as well where we provide excellent support of vehicles, expert guides and camping crews where necessary.

On the back trails of Kathmandu- A Day Tour where you can explore the ancient rural villages, legendary temples with the superb views of Himalaya.

A pleasant scenic rides on the back alley of the old city and head towards the village of Khokna and Bungmati and to explore the villages from 14th century. The temple of Macchindranath (god of yielding good harvest) situated in the main square of Bungmati, worshiped by both Hindus and Buddhist, our journey from here continues on a jeep track to the village of Champi with few ups and downhill to reach the Chapagaon village situated on the southern tip of the Kathmandu Valley, Chapagaon a rural village, at present its growing slowly into modernization, Chapagaon is famed for its temple of Vajravarahi, one of the many out of 9th reincarnation of lord Vishnu in the form of a Boar. The temple is surrounded by an old forest, protected by the local belief that to cut even a single tree would anger the deity, until now the villagers still worship the wrathful Vishnu by offering a weekly blood sacrifice of chicken, goat and buffaloes. After a pleasant de-tours of the villages and its temple we then pack our two-wheel friend in the van for the two hour drive back to busy colorful street of Kathmandu.

Total Distance:  Approx: 41km.

In and off the Kathmandu Valley 3-4 Day biking tour
Explore the best pilgrimage spot on bike in and off the Valley rim.

This fascinating ride offers you an opportunity, where the western world modernization hardly mixes in the rural pocket of farm-fields, villages and the temples very seldom visited by the outside world with the suburb distance view of an array of snow capped peaks to the north.

Total Distance:                  Approx: 122km.

Kathmandu Valley Rim Ride of few days around medieval town-valleys-hills and mountains.
A pleasant, fabulous ride takes you to the medieval civilization in and around the vicinity of Bhaktapur, with ample time to visit and make friends with the warm, local farmers and villagers as our journey continues to the famed scenic viewpoint at Nagarkot the highest spot of our journey with beautiful view of the sun rise and sunset with the magnificent Himalayan back drop.

Total Distance:  Approx: 72km.

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Jacky Killy
It’s a shame that so many trekkers stayed away from the Manaslu Trek after the April 2015 earthquake. There was a big lack of information about the safety of trails…
Mich Pung
The classic style of trekking in Nepal is to camp in tents and employ Porters to carry your gears and Sherpas to set up camp, cook and serve meals. You…

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